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    Have you got what it takes to complete the Labyrinth Challenge?........................

    The Labyrinth Challenge is the most spectacular world-class continuous inflatable obstacle course - all 1000ft of it!

    It is over 1000ft long and has 5 different themed zones - Lava Zone, Jungle Zone, Toxic Zone, Combat Zone and Ocean Zone.

      Each zone is unique and offers a multitude of challenges for each contestant to complete - every challenge is different - there are loads of obstacles including: hurdles, biff n bash sections, slides, combat challenges, corkscrew obstacles plus many many more!

      Then we have the Mini Labyrinth Challenge, which is perfect to use in conjunction with the main course. It has 4 different themed zones: Arctic, Jurassic, Egyptian and Jungle and provides hours of fun for the younger user.

      The Labyrinth Challenge is perfect for mass participation events and can accommodate over 400 contestants every hour, making it a firm favourite for charity fundraising, festivals and also for corporate clients. 

      We take health and safety very seriously. The labyrinth challenge is built to EN14960 safety standards and is fully tested by a PIPA inspector for safety.

      The shape of the labyrinth can change depending on each venues available space, we can fit into most event spaces and venues, we have designed the Labyrinth Challenge so it can be set up in a variety of combinations and layouts. 

      If space is not an issue then we can build events within the Labyrinth itself eg: Family fun days, a festivals, Team Building etc.

      It can be set up indoors, as well as outside.

      You can find more details about The Labyrinth Challenge by visiting

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