I have been involved in the events industry for over 28 years. I started out when I was just 15 years old organising social gatherings for my friends and school chums in the Berkshire area. I went on to buy my first bouncy castle when I was 17 and from there the seed was sown and my events company started to grow.

In order to expand my business I started to advertise in the Yellow pages, there was no internet or Google back then! My business grew due to word of mouth and I started doing events all over the UK. I had to have an A to Z for every county and had to photocopy the pages out of them to hand to my increasing staff, as there was no sat nav to follow! Life is much easier now in that respect. Now we go all over the world to deliver exciting, innovative events.

However, there is now so much more competition due to the advent of events agency who just put together events with ever changing staff. I still own and operate all my equipment with a dedicated team, which is why we always deliver – it is our unique selling point. I still care now as much as I did when I started out, about the events I put together. The business is now a family business so there is always the personal touch.

I have developed and grown my own business, so with that, comes a sense of pride and caring about what I do. Over the years I have developed new ideas and still continue to do so. This is why I have branded my business to be “Simply the Best Events”. I have a strong, dedicated, enthusiastic team behind me, who all strive to achieve what the company name says we are – simply the best.

Today we deliver either generic or bespoke / branded It’s A Knockout Challenges, Team Building days, Family Fun Days, Corporate Events plus many more events. It’s a long way from where I started but where I always wanted to be.