bungee trampoline

  • bungee trampoline details

    One of our most popular pieces of equipment for Family Fun Days and Corporate events - our 4-Way Bungee Trampoline.

    Bounce to the sky and reach for the stars! This modern design allows for a quick set up time and is extremely easy to run. We can set up this pieces of equipment in approximately 45 minutes.

    Participants get strapped into one of our harnesses which is connected to bungee cords, this allows the user to reach bouncing heights they wouldn’t have been able to without the bungee trampoline! It also allows users to safely perform somersaults and backflips once they have gained some confidence and experience using the ride and perfecting their technique!

    The bungee trampoline is suitable for both children and adults however there is a weight limit of 13 stone maximum. The average ride on the bungee trampoline last between 3-5 minutes based on how busy the event is and the queue times! The shorter the queue the longer you will get!

    bungee trampoline specifications

    • Four trampolines available for use 13 Stone weight limit per user Suitable for most ages 35ft x 35ft x 23ft area required 1 x 13 amp power supply required