barfly velcro wall

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    Our Barfly Inflatable is a classic! So much fun to be had!!!!!

    Participants must wear one of our Velcro suits, and then run up to the wall and jump up as high as they can onto the inflatable wall, to see how far up the wall they can stick! 

    This inflatable is guaranteed to give you and your guests hours of fun and laughter - you can always expect a good crowd forming around this inflatable to see the hilarious results of the participants jumps!

    We have suits suitable for all sizes making sure everyone can experience this great attraction. This attraction is perfect for School Events, Family Fun Days or even Charity Fundraisers! Have you seen our fantastic Family Fun Day packages? You can read more information about the service we offer by clicking here.

    We supply each of our Barfly Velcro Walls with at least 3 suits of various sizes for small children all the way up to Adult sized. Are you looking for other fun and interactive inflatables? You can view our whole range of inflatables by clicking here.

    View the video below for a closer look of our incredible Barfly Velcro Wall inflatables.

    One user at a time

    Typically users aged 5+

    barfly velcro wall specifications

    • Great fun for any event Velcro suits provided in a wide range of sizes 22ft x 15ft x 18ft 1 x 13 amp power supply required