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    Simply The Best Events bring all the thrills of the most noble of sports to your event with our highly entertaining Race Nights packages. Watching a number of pre-recorded horse races, filmed at UK racecourses and with full professional commentary throughout the races, participants bet, gamble and enthuse their way through an evening of light-hearted competition and high adrenalin horse racing.

    An excellent team building activity that can be run in an afternoon as an after-conference attraction, or as after-dinner entertainment at a corporate function, our Race Nights have proved a consistent winner every time, and, because they require very little space to operate, they provide maximum entertainment with a minimum of logistical planning.

    A Simply The Best Events Race Night works in the following format: After gathering all the participants a briefing is given by our professional compere, who will explain the format, rules and regulations, as well as hand out fun money to each individual or team. The first race will then be announced, with each horses form, odds and history announced to the participants. Betting is then declared open, with multiple betting options available, with each bet being recorded with a betting ticket. When all bets have been placed, the lights are dimmed and the first race is started. As soon as the race is over, the winners are confirmed by the compere, the bets are paid out, and the whole process starts again.

    Programme Includes:

    • Themed Host
    • Tote Girls
    • Pre event planning
    • £10 million public liability insurance
    • All tools and equipment
    • Winners Trophy
    • Transport & Mileage

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