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    This totally interactive fun event introduces guests to the thrilling world of both cocktail making and flaring, exploring cutting edge drink preparation and mixology, an unrivalled form of corporate entertainment.

    Our flaring barmen will keep this highly energised evening event heavily laced with humour and encourage a competitive team spirit to provide an unrivalled form of corporate entertainment. This fully interactive package encourages teams to battle it out behind our stylish mobile cocktail bar, with detailed instruction from professional cocktail flaring bar staff. Be prepared for some serious fun while you learn how to mix the perfect cocktail and serve in style. Our team of expert cocktail barmen will help you mix, taste and present some of worlds most exotic and delicious drinks. They will also demonstrate and teach you some flaring, the art of juggling bottles and pouring cocktails with flair.

    The Simply the Best Cocktail Shaker experience is a fantastic choice of activity especially as a pre-dinner form of entertainment, designed to be hands-on, interactive and challenging! From stirring, mixing, layering, shooting, flaring, sipping and sampling we cover it all in this fun competitive group activity. We host our Cocktail Shaker experience throughout the UK at any suitable venue!

    Programme Includes:

    • Flare barman
    • Introduction to cocktails and flaring
    • Pre event planning
    • All tools and equipment
    • All ingredients
    • £10 million public liability
    • Transport & Mileage

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