rodeo bull

  • rodeo bull details

    One of our most popular hire attractions to date! Our fantastic Rodeo Bull is a must have attraction at every Family Fun Day!

    Users jump onto the Rodeo Bull and see how long they can stay on the bull for whilst it bucks and spins around. The longer you stay on for the quicker it will spin and buck! Our control console has a display at the front displaying the current riders time as well as the record time of the event (the time to beat!). We can also supply a top gear style leader board for your event to keep track of the best times throughout the course of the event.

    The Rodeo Bull is perfect for Wild West Themed events, Corporate Events as well as celebrations and parties. We have a whole range of simulators available for hire including Surf Simulators, Football Simulators and Snowboard Simulators. You can view our full fantastic range by clicking here.

    Our simulators are suitable for users who are able to climb onto the simulator unassisted/unaided.

    We can supply custom attachments for your event - view our Final Fantasy case study where we created "The Beast" attachment for the Final Fantasy Fan Festival.

    rodeo bull specifications

    • Perfect for themed events Timers for current time and best time 20ft x 20ft area required 2 x 13 amp power supplies required