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    Simply the Best Events Pub Olympics are a great way to have an enjoyable evening with a competitive edge!

    Our team will come and set up and man the games so that there is no pressure on you as the event organisor.

    A pub Olympics event can be structured with the group split into teams and competing against each other in a round robin format or the games can be set up for anyone to play on whenever they like. If the event is structured with teams then there would be a Simply the Best representative on each activity to act as referee and to keep scores. The teams would rotate round each activity trying to gain as much fun money as possible; teams would receive $500 for a win, $200 for a draw and nothing for a loss!

    Once the teams have competed on each game then all the fun money would be totalled up and the team with the highest amount would be crowned the Pub Game Olympics champions!

    Whats included in your Pub Olympics

    Well this is all down to you!

    It all depends on how many games you want and which ones you want. Here at Simply the Best we have a large warehouse full of different Pub Olympics games that are guaranteed to make your night enjoyable.

    You can choose your games from any of the following:-

    • Table Football
    • Air Hockey
    • Giant Jenga
    • Giant Connect Four
    • Giant Pick Up Sticks
    • Electric Darts
    • Bar Skittles
    • Quoits
    • Giant Shove A Penny
    • Giant Puzzles
    • Nintendo Wii and Large Screen
    • Giant Scalectrix (incurs a surcharge)
    • Giant Snakes and Ladders
    • Shoot For Goal
    • Table Tennis
    • Subbutteo
    • Batack
    • Catch the Light

    Programme Includes:

    • Compere
    • Experienced instructors & facilitators
    • Pre event planning
    • Trained and uniformed staff
    • Medals and trophy for the winning team
    • £10m public & equipment liability insurance

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