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    At Simply the Best Events we believe your event can do more for you and reach a wider audience than just the people attending. By embracing social media into your event it can add an extra dimension as well as a more engaging time for everyone involved.

    The possibilities are endless with the type of engagement you can offer to guests, prizes and competitions through social media by posting or likes. You can also gather valuable data about your guests which can help with future events.

    With the edition of one of our social media packages your event has the potential to reach thousands, increasing the exposure exponentially and far exceed your expectations.


    • Average Facebook users has 500 friends.
    • At an event a guest would normally post twice.
    • This would then reach 1000 people not including likes, shares and comments.
    • About 50-80% of attendees would use social media (and increasing every year).
    • So at an event of 1000 people, 800 use social media. Each has an average of 500 friends and use it twice at the event. Possibility to reach 800,000 people.

    We can offer from the simply hashtag printing to integrated automatic Facebook/Twitter/Instagram posts with personalised branding.

    We offer the following:

    Hashtag design and printing - We will make a hashtag for you event and then we will print on any type of media that would be suitable for your event. The attendees will then use the hashtag on their social media posts.

    Facebook Photographer - We have one of our professional photographers taking photos of your event as normal. The difference is that the photographer will as your guests if they would like to instantly upload their photo onto their own Facebook page, or the companies. You would get a copy of all photographs from the day as usual, but this gives the event instant exposure over social media and invites replies from non-attendants.

    Photo Booth – Our state of the art photo booth has social media capabilities and can upload photos in real time.

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