warrior jump

  • warrior jump details

    This is the fantastic Warrior Jump inflatable, a series of inflated cylindrical shapes that you must jump across from one side to the other without falling off! The great thing about this inflatable is that we can either increase or decrease the air pressure in each cylindrical shape! So they can start of firm and the further along you get the less firm they get - or you can mix it up and have a firm one, then a soft one, then a firm one etc.

    This inflatable is very similar to our giant stepping stones inflatable game but the humps get harder as you go along and finish with a slide. A fantastic attraction suitable for people who love a challenge! Do you have what it takes to make it from one side to the other? Hire this fantastic piece of equipment and find out!

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    Minimum height requirement - 1.2m. One user at a time

    warrior jump specifications

    • Requires 1 x 13 amp power supply. 49ft x 11ft x 15ft