the jump off

  • the jump off details


    The Jump Off is a huge base jumping style inflatable attraction designed to give you the experience of base jumping from a buildings edge. Before you jump, look down at the bulls-eye target to see where you need to jump. Jump if you dare!

    If you cant quite push yourself over the edge then you can always return to earth via the Chicken Slide next to the stairs! A fun and impressive attraction that kids and adults love.

    This is the only one in the UK! Book this great attraction before everyone else.

    Looking for something a little smaller but with all the same thrills? Why not try the Jump Off’s sister… The Cliff Hanger!

    the jump off specifications

    • Exclusive to Simply the Best Events The Only One in the UK 16' High Jumping Platform 56ft x 16ft x 28ft 2 x 13 amp power supplies required