synthetic ice skating rink

  • synthetic ice skating rink details

    Why not bring an Ice Skating Rink to your next event - our synthetic rinks can be used all year round!

    Real rinks are extremely costly and have a high carbon footprint. Our synthetic rinks are a viable alternative. They are so good even professional skaters use them to practice on! 

    We can provide fantastic Synthetic Ice Rinks of any size for you and your guests at your next event.

    Each hire comes complete with ice surface, barriers, various sized ice skates, a distribution area, seating areas and attendants to supervise the rink. All we need from you is a flat surface!

    Perfect for Winter Wonderland events, Christmas parties or general Fun Days – guarantee your guests hours of fun with one of our fantastic skating packages! Our rinks are made of a material that is the closest surface you can get to real ice without all the high running costs!

    For an additional activity add in one of our popular Curling Lanes 

    synthetic ice skating rink specifications

    • Synthetic so no costly bills Provided with large range of skates Attendants to supervise skating Can be built in various sizes No power required