nerf wars

  • nerf wars details

    It is the ultimate team activity for young children that is taking the world by storm... Nerf Wars!

    This package is just like the combat arena version without the giant inflatable surround, still hours of endless Nerf Wars fun! Our equipment only Nerf Wars package is a great option if you have a unique or smaller event space to work with.

    The package includes Nerf guns, Nerf bullets, protective safety goggles and inflatable bunkers. The bunkers come in a variety of shapes and sizes such as replica walls, barrels, crates plus many more designs. The basic Nerf Wars package is supplied with 20 guns, foam darts for the 20 guns, 10 bunkers, 20 sets of safety goggles. 

    You can set the course it many different ways, it is completely up to you! You can run a variety of games with the equipment provided including: last one standing, capture the flag plus many more games! A great activity perfect for children’s parties, family fun days, corporate events or even for events where bigger kids (adults) are present!

    Have you seen our Combat Arenas? They are a great addition to the Nerf Wars equipment creating the ultimate fun activity. We can use the Nerf Wars equipment in either our Combat Arena or Alien Themed Combat Arena.

    nerf wars specifications

    • 20 Guns included Includes safety goggles Over 10 different inflatable bunkers