batter up baseball game

  • batter up baseball game details

    Want to put your baseball skills to the test like Babe Ruth? Are you a slugger?

    Then check out our brand new Batter Up Baseball Game.

    Just aim at the targets and try to score as many points as you can, but don't forget, 3 strikes and you're out!

    Works really well alongside our other sports attractions such as: American Field Goal, Basket Ball, Cricket Bowler, Football Shootouts, Bouncy Boxing, Dodge-ball, Gladiator Duel, Golf, HTF, Ice Hockey Slap shot, Axe Throwing, Climbing Wall, Rugby Conversion, Safe Archery, Sumo, Tennis and Volley Battle.

    batter up baseball game specifications

    • 13ft x 16ft x 10ft 1 x 13amp