giant football stepping stones

  • giant football stepping stones details

    The Giant Football Stepping Stones! Participants must cross from one side of the inflatable to the other, without touching the floor navigating across the giant footballs. Perfect as a lone attraction or as part of a mega obstacle course, this piece of equipment is guaranteed to deliver hours of fun! This attraction is fantastic for a wide range of events including family fun days, team building days plus much more! Do you have what i takes to get from one side to the other? Give it a try!

    As Part of It's A Knockout 

    Similar to Total Wipeouts big red balls but football themed! Teams must cross from one side of the balls to the other without falling off! Aim of the game is to get as many team members across as possible before the time runs out! An hilarious challenge which makes some great viewing for spectators!

    giant football stepping stones specifications

    • 1 Player Game 2 sets available 56ft x 23ft x 10ft 2 x 13 amp power supplies required