It’s been long-established that employees benefit immensely from corporate team-building events. What has been somewhat overlooked, are the families of the company workforce. Simply the Best Events have not only proven the value of the Corporate Family Fun Event but provide turn-key solutions to make it feasible for companies, from 20 – 2000 people, that leave everyone looking forward to repeat event. +

Here’s why:

The Perfect Solution For Those ‘Married To The Job’

More often than not, people belonging to the same company or in the same line of work, usually have families who complain that their spouses are ‘married to their job’. Some firms and careers are more prone to family neglect than others - law firms, firefighters, hospital staff, teachers, the hospitality industry, political organisations and so forth. What better way to overcome this kind of separation anxiety than to have a family fun event, which brings the families into the picture and introduces them to our secular colleagues and their families?

At worst, names acquire faces and at best, new and lasting friendships are forged. Corporate family fun events draw focus towards play, humour and challenge, which unite people in a common quest. Families who play together, stay together!

Turns Obligatory Events Into Memorable Moments

The benefits of the many and varied options Simply the Best Events provides, transform the perfunctory Christmas, year-end or awards events into something beyond obligatory attendance. Instead, these ‘must-dos’ become fabulous, fun occasions – hence the designation Corporate Family Fun Events, because they cater to the whole family – from toddlers to the elderly. No one has a chance to become bored and corporate giants get to host events that are the talk of the town.

Priceless ROI For Emotional Banking

Investing in employees and their families is like the stock exchange of emotional banking accounts. Whenever lack of cooperation rears its ugly head in the corporate environment, it’s a tell-tale sign that the workforce feels they are giving more than they’re getting and it’s time to have a corporate family fun event as soon as possible.

It isn’t always a pay increase the staff are after. Throwing money at the situation might yield short-term benefits but before long the same attitudes return. Putting money into an event, however, will soon sort out disgruntlement which, nine times out of ten, is due to the workforce feeling unappreciated. Having the all-under-one-roof turnkey occasion done by Simply the Best Events is like a deposit into everyone’s emotional bank balance and the returns come back in the form of loyalty, contentment and greater co-operation.

What price can be put on that?

Money Out, Money In

Corporate family fun events, for those accountants among us, can be far more than a money output to service the company’s emotional quotient. One of the value-adds is using it as a fund-raising opportunity.

Nothing wrong with money out to get money in. Fostering a community spirit to raise funds for charity leaves everyone feeling happier for being able to contribute to the less fortunate. Other events could address communal needs within the company - from better HVAC, quality canteen options, to a family gym at the office and a sport and games facility.

Keep Calm And Call The Experts

A corporate family event, no matter the fun, can be a management headache and the larger the company the more daunting the prospect becomes. Enter Simply the Best Events.

With an outstanding reputation and 20-year-long expertise under our belt, your company events need be nothing more than a phone call away with a date booked on your office calendar.

Visit Simply the Best Events for your requirements and be sure you can keep on working at what you do best, while we do what we do best and arrange your Corporate family fun event for you – whether for 20 or 2000 people, with safety standards at a premium. 

View the themes: oo7 Bond, Hollywood, Arabian, Wild West, Action, Caribbean beach, Oscars, Fun Fair, London, Animal, Football and more. Classic events like The Labyrinth Challenge and It’s a Knockout are spectacular for fundraising events.