We were given the task of providing entertainment and attractions for the product launch of a new online version of the game Final Fantasy. All the attractions need to be branded or themed to be tied in with different aspects of the game. The attractions we provided needed to feel like they were part of the game and immerse the attendants into the world of Final Fantasy in central London.

We presented various options that could work with the game and the ideas that we used were:

SAFE Archery – Branded and themed for the event

Batak – Themed for the event

Giant Buzzers – Custom made buzzers produced for the event

Photo Booth – Custom branded outer skins and custom green screen images

Rodeo Bull – Rather than just having a rodeo bull we suggested producing an actual character from the game

SAFE Archery

With the provided art work we made custom branding and theming to make this attraction part of the event, with the title Elezen Archery, this attraction took an aspect of the game and let everyone have a go at archery in a very confined space.

Giant Buzzers

We have these in stock, but for this event they just didn’t seem quite right. We set about having some custom made buzzers made that were more suited to the theming of the event and that would fit in better with the atmosphere. We also provided branding for these.

Photo Booth

Always a popular attraction at any event. We branded the outer skins with the Final Fantasy logo. Our photo booths are state of the art and we can change our green screen options, we changed it so that we could use still shots from the game as green screen images for the event. We also customised the prints themselves and these were branded with the Final Fantasy logo.


Rodeo Bull

Again, an extremely popular attraction on its own, but we thought this was again not right for this event. We suggested producing a custom made attachment that would be an exact replica of one of the characters. The client chose the Behemoth! After some initial hand drawings, we then produced a full digital representation of what it would look like from the digital files we received from the client. After making some slight alterations to make allowances for safety and clearance issues we had a complete digital drawing to work from.

The first stage was to machine the beast from foam in order to create the mould. After the mould was created we could then produce a raw form, which could then be worked on. It was then hand worked and then painted and the horns and hair were attached.

The result was an exact replica of the Behemoth from the game. This was the centre of attraction at the event with even the game creators not quite believing that one of their characters was bought to life with such detail and accuracy.

Overall, Simply The Best Events provided and created the attractions that suited the theme and feel of the event with resounding success.