promoting / marketing your event

It is important to market your event but to have a clear and precise plan outlined from the start. Start by outlining who you are targeting and what are the direct routes of advertising to that particular group of people. There are a number of different ways you can do this. It varies based on different types of event e.g. a corporate event will be advertised internally as opposed to a large public event. Social media is a fantastic tool for marketing your event. There are a number of options including: Email Mailshots, Facebook event pages, Dedicated Twitter accounts, Promoted tweets and Facebook posts, blogs, YouTube videos – the list goes on!

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Selecting the right entertainment is key to any event. With so much choice of attractions and entertainment you want to make sure that the entertainment is suitable for your target audience, that there is a great and varied selection for people (you want to make sure there is something for everyone!) Your entertainment should complement the aim of the event. It is important to keep your guests interested in the event and attract them to the event. With no people it won’t be a very good event!

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You need to find the right venue to hold your event. Once a venue has been chosen it is important that you visit the site and inspect the site overall. This will allow you to determine whether the venue is suitable for your event and also a thorough inspection can help prevent any unexpected costs. Key things to think about include: Is the venue available on the selected date? Is my event easily accessible to everyone I am planning to invite? Does the venue have the right look and feel that compliments my event? Does the venue have adequate space for all my guests? Do I need to bring in additional infrastructure elements e.g. toilets, catering etc? What is the venues legal capacity? Do I require any licenses or permits? Is there wifi available on site?

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